Saturday, April 30, 2005

A reply to an Iraqi Blogger

I just want to show the racism of this Iraqi to the everyone.

He is showing a photo of the Iraqi hawk with the words (Republic of Kaka) (refering to Kurds and the words (Yogourt of Erbil) instead of Allahu Akbar.
He says :
How do verify if a person is Iraqi or not?show him this picture and if he couldnt stop laughing then you wouldknow he IS Iraqi!

Thank you that means I am Kurdistani and not Iraqi because I didn't laugh at it. It was more than an insult rather than a joke.

I am happy that Iraqis like you also know that Kurds are not Iraqis. I don't know where is the joke, but when it comes to joke don't let me start.

I don't understand the joke, is he sad that a Kurd is a president ?!! It seems so.

I hope he likes this below :-


Sunday, January 30, 2005

Non-Iraqis pro Al-Qaeda disturb London's Iraqi elections party

A group of non-Iraqis of mainly Pakistanis and Bangladeshis and Palestinians and Algerians (You name it) gathered in a score of about 100 people with 10-15 loud speakers outside the Wembly Conference Centre shouting anti-elections slogans. Loud speakers were more than their numbers.

Non of them were Iraqis, yet they put their noses in others business.

A group of Kurds, Arabs, etc wanted to attack them in the begining but the police didn't let them.

They were shouting "No to a Kurdish state, no to Allawi, no to federalism, no to secular, no to Shia, no to Sunni, Yes to an Islamic State in Iraq "

Every single voters hated them. The queue for voting was up to 100 meters. Everyone was booing them.

A woman said "We don't intervene in Pakistani issues why they are here telling us what to do. "

Never mind, we taught them a lesson they never forget. Idiots.

US and British flag to intimidate the pro-Al Qaeda fanatics.

The party went on for the 3rd day...

Buses full of voters came from Cardiff Wales.

Kurdistan flags at the highest possible points. The Trees... intimidating the Al Qaeda fanatics right ?!

Not everyone was Kurdish...Some Arabs were there too....Around %80 of voters were Kurdish.


Saturday, January 29, 2005

I voted in the Iraqi elections !!!!!!!!!!!

Today 29th of January 2005 I made it to Wembly Park again to vote in the Iraqi Elections.
On the arrival, I saw this crowd of Kurds :

The crowd were dancing on the sound of Dahol & Zurna (2 Kurdish music instruments).

Then I went in, security measures were very high. I was searched and was told to go to table number 19.

I voted for Kurdistani Alliance List 130.

They have stained my finger with a blue dye that will stay for about 72 hours.

I went out and I saw these Assyrian poster outside, but only a 2-3 people :

I then saw the Kurdish crowd again..but this time they were more :

This American TV station said that the majority of the people they talked to were Kurdish.

It was a great day today !


Monday, January 24, 2005

Most of the Iraqi voters in UK are Kurds

According to a report by BBC, the organisers of the elections in the UK say that most of the voters in the UK are Kurds.

A few Kurdish groups held a small party near the registeration hall in order to attract more voters. I missed out on this one. I went earlier last week.

But out of about 1 Million Iraqis living in the UK only 15 000 have registered. An election organiser told me that %80 of the voters are Kurdish.

And another rumour that I heard was each 24,000 vote was equal to a seat in the Iraqi parliament.
So the voters in Europe might make up about 4-5 seats.


Sunday, January 23, 2005

Registeration extension

registeration for the expat voters has been extended for another 2 days. I have heard that today loads of buses full of voters would arrive in London from the other British cities to register for the Iraqi elections.

Yesterday the organisers arranged a Kurdish party in Wembly Park near the registeration centre to attract more people to register for the voting.


Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Mad day at Iraqi Elections Registrations

So yesterday 19th of January 2005 I went all the way up to Wembly Park to register myself for the Iraqi elections.
I walked around the area and I found the Wembly Conference Hall. On the way there, I saw many posters for the Iraqi political parties.

When I reached the hall, I saw these guys (in the photo) shouting up and down "Don't Participate in the Elections".

The red banner indicated that they are from the Iraqi Workers Communist Party. A group which don't have much wide support. I saw two banners, one which you can read in English and the other, which is written in Kurdish says "No to elections and the forced annex of Kurdistan to Iraq, and yes to a referendum for the independence of Kurdistan".

It seems that these guys know how to play their way around with both Arabs and Kurds. On the opposite side, I saw a group of Iraqis, from both ethnic groups Kurds, and Arabs, shouting "No to Baathiests".
I heard one Arab man telling a western reporter "These guys are Kurds, but even the Kurds don't like them".

The Arab man was shouting at them "Do you want Saddam, Have you forgotten Halabja ?"

OK anyway I made my way to the centre. I registered myself. I had a very nice welcome to the hall, to my surprise most of the workers there were Kurdish.

On the way out, I heard that there has been a fight. The old Arab man couldn't take it no more and he has attacked the "Communists". He has punched the guys who were shouting "Don't Participate in The Elections". Poor man couldn't take it no more.
The man was arrested by the police and was taken away in a big police van.

This incidence shows to me that even the Iraqis abroad still need to learn democracy.
I will go to vote next week and I will take my camera again to take some more photos.


Monday, January 17, 2005

I didn't go to the Iraqi elections :(

I was supposed to go to the Iraqi elections registeration but because I forgot my camera, I didn't go.
I woke up at 7.00 am. Travelled to my uni gym at 7.30 and arrived there at 8.30. I worked out till 9.30 then went to the labs straight away.
I just took a break because my gel needs to be run for about 2 hours.
I have had a good day so far. Very active.

I might go to the registeration at Wembly later this week with my camera. So wait for some photos of Iraqi election from London soon !