Saturday, January 29, 2005

I voted in the Iraqi elections !!!!!!!!!!!

Today 29th of January 2005 I made it to Wembly Park again to vote in the Iraqi Elections.
On the arrival, I saw this crowd of Kurds :

The crowd were dancing on the sound of Dahol & Zurna (2 Kurdish music instruments).

Then I went in, security measures were very high. I was searched and was told to go to table number 19.

I voted for Kurdistani Alliance List 130.

They have stained my finger with a blue dye that will stay for about 72 hours.

I went out and I saw these Assyrian poster outside, but only a 2-3 people :

I then saw the Kurdish crowd again..but this time they were more :

This American TV station said that the majority of the people they talked to were Kurdish.

It was a great day today !