Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Mad day at Iraqi Elections Registrations

So yesterday 19th of January 2005 I went all the way up to Wembly Park to register myself for the Iraqi elections.
I walked around the area and I found the Wembly Conference Hall. On the way there, I saw many posters for the Iraqi political parties.

When I reached the hall, I saw these guys (in the photo) shouting up and down "Don't Participate in the Elections".

The red banner indicated that they are from the Iraqi Workers Communist Party. A group which don't have much wide support. I saw two banners, one which you can read in English and the other, which is written in Kurdish says "No to elections and the forced annex of Kurdistan to Iraq, and yes to a referendum for the independence of Kurdistan".

It seems that these guys know how to play their way around with both Arabs and Kurds. On the opposite side, I saw a group of Iraqis, from both ethnic groups Kurds, and Arabs, shouting "No to Baathiests".
I heard one Arab man telling a western reporter "These guys are Kurds, but even the Kurds don't like them".

The Arab man was shouting at them "Do you want Saddam, Have you forgotten Halabja ?"

OK anyway I made my way to the centre. I registered myself. I had a very nice welcome to the hall, to my surprise most of the workers there were Kurdish.

On the way out, I heard that there has been a fight. The old Arab man couldn't take it no more and he has attacked the "Communists". He has punched the guys who were shouting "Don't Participate in The Elections". Poor man couldn't take it no more.
The man was arrested by the police and was taken away in a big police van.

This incidence shows to me that even the Iraqis abroad still need to learn democracy.
I will go to vote next week and I will take my camera again to take some more photos.