Sunday, January 30, 2005

Non-Iraqis pro Al-Qaeda disturb London's Iraqi elections party

A group of non-Iraqis of mainly Pakistanis and Bangladeshis and Palestinians and Algerians (You name it) gathered in a score of about 100 people with 10-15 loud speakers outside the Wembly Conference Centre shouting anti-elections slogans. Loud speakers were more than their numbers.

Non of them were Iraqis, yet they put their noses in others business.

A group of Kurds, Arabs, etc wanted to attack them in the begining but the police didn't let them.

They were shouting "No to a Kurdish state, no to Allawi, no to federalism, no to secular, no to Shia, no to Sunni, Yes to an Islamic State in Iraq "

Every single voters hated them. The queue for voting was up to 100 meters. Everyone was booing them.

A woman said "We don't intervene in Pakistani issues why they are here telling us what to do. "

Never mind, we taught them a lesson they never forget. Idiots.

US and British flag to intimidate the pro-Al Qaeda fanatics.

The party went on for the 3rd day...

Buses full of voters came from Cardiff Wales.

Kurdistan flags at the highest possible points. The Trees... intimidating the Al Qaeda fanatics right ?!

Not everyone was Kurdish...Some Arabs were there too....Around %80 of voters were Kurdish.