Saturday, April 30, 2005

A reply to an Iraqi Blogger

I just want to show the racism of this Iraqi to the everyone.

He is showing a photo of the Iraqi hawk with the words (Republic of Kaka) (refering to Kurds and the words (Yogourt of Erbil) instead of Allahu Akbar.
He says :
How do verify if a person is Iraqi or not?show him this picture and if he couldnt stop laughing then you wouldknow he IS Iraqi!

Thank you that means I am Kurdistani and not Iraqi because I didn't laugh at it. It was more than an insult rather than a joke.

I am happy that Iraqis like you also know that Kurds are not Iraqis. I don't know where is the joke, but when it comes to joke don't let me start.

I don't understand the joke, is he sad that a Kurd is a president ?!! It seems so.

I hope he likes this below :-